This is Smiley he is the cutie and we love him Our other dog Passed away That was Rusty so we waited about 6 or 8 weeks it was awfull not having a dog in the house so we went to the ASPA to see what they had we saw him and he was so cute hubby was on the floor and he crawed in his lap and layed there he was so cute asking him to take him home so we took him he had to stay he was just old enough to get spared and he needed his shots so we went the next day I think and picked  him up well his name was Merfury but you see in his face this dog has an underbite and it was so cute we renamed him Smiley this is how he got his name .

10/18/15         MaryR

New Year 2015 my art.

126372646506437CF0MA31829753-0001Here Is a picture of my sister and me at the nurseing home in Dec we went there to see her for Christmas ,Her name is MaryKathern Bain yes her name is the same as mine , mine is MaryEllen Redford so she was called Kathy and I was called yes , MaryEllen   until I was like 15  and I dropped Ellen

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